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Welcome to bat365App手机版下载 China

bat365App手机版下载 is the world's leading independent technology research organization specializing in solving problems in connection technology, materials, structural integrity and other technologies。

About us

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The bat365App手机版下载, or British Welding Institute, is a membership-based service provider for companies and businesses。The company's mission is to help customers (members) design and manufacture the best products through the authoritative and impartial expertise of its expert staff in engineering materials and connection technology。

 Formerly the British Welding Research Association (BWRA), the company has grown to become one of the world's foremost independent technical research institutions。The company's technical capabilities include welding, joint technology, materials, surface engineering, inspection and structural integrity management, and its business involves technological innovation, technology transfer and engineering problem solving。


bat365App手机版下载 China

Established in 2006, bat365App手机版下载 China office has developed many member units in China, involving aerospace, oil and gas, shipbuilding, steel, rail transit, automotive, pressure vessels and welding equipment, etc。The main responsibility of the office is to support the technical services and other business of THE UK headquarters in China, and at the same time continue to develop the Chinese market, through effective ways to let more Chinese enterprises know and understand bat365App手机版下载

 In order to let Chinese enterprises timely understand the international advanced technology development trends, bat365App手机版下载 will hold special technical seminars in China every year。It not only brings advanced international technical information to domestic technical experts, but also provides an efficient communication platform for the industry to promote the cooperation and communication between bat365App手机版下载 and Chinese enterprises。

 The head office often sends several experts from different technical fields to visit Chinese companies to discuss cooperation and projects, and introduce the latest technology development of bat365App手机版下载. The visits are up to dozens of times every year。随着双胞胎在中国的知名度不断提高,越来越多的中国企业也前往英国拜访双胞胎总公司,在实地考察双胞胎的科研实力与管理水平后,也加入了双胞胎会员并开展多种项目合作。


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bat365App手机版下载 provides a range of high quality services to its customers (i.e. members) through the authoritative and impartial expertise of its expert staff in engineering, materials and connection technologies。

We can provide your products with a complete set of solutions covering connection technology, inspection methods and material application, not only including technology development and prototype design, but also covering all related aspects of technology application, equipment commissioning and training。

Through technology development and engineering support programs, bat365App手机版下载 experts work closely with our members' technical staff to provide high-quality solutions tailored to customer needs。Research and development projects carried out for customers are highly confidential, and the research and development results and related intellectual property rights generated are completely owned by customers。

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